Branded Onboarding Videos

Branded onboarding videos and writable docs saves you training time, improves employee relations, and expedites the first day in the door for the new employee. 

We know we have to consider recruitment and travel costs; which can include school registration fees to be on the floor, advertising and posting on job boards, time spent reviewing resumes, and interviewing. 
There are also the costs of getting the candidate started (training, orientation, provision of materials such as supplies, computers and considering where the intern will be stationed).  As any operations or HR person can tell you, these costs can quickly add up!

Amazingly, there is one area that most organizations fail to fully consider – the cost of onboarding the employee. This includes:

  • Creating and extending the offer

  • Sending out HR paperwork

  • Time spent processing HR paperwork

  • Cost of materials for welcome packs and contracts

  • Administration time

Don’t believe me? The average small to medium business spends $4,000 to onboard candidates per person. That’s just onboarding, and does not including recruitment or training costs.

You can send branded writable Adobe docs and videos that answer new employees FAQs.  
Intern Pursuit can produce branded videos for your business. Learn more.

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