Create Intern Assessment

Create an assessment to test your applicant's skills.   Start from scratch or use our sample templates to help.

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Here are the rules: Do the assessment on your own and prepare the findings yourself. You may talk to other individuals (people in the industry, professors, etc) to gather information. Do not have anyone proof your work or writing ability, I want to see how you write.

The purpose of this assessment is to provide me with an idea of your research, writing, creativity (as it relates to problem solving, critical thinking and presentation skills), time management, and verbal communication skills. It also provides a benchmark for your current skills, abilities and the goals you might want to achieve with us.

The deadline for completing the project is           hours from the time you actually start the assessment. You are on the honor system, send me a text or email at the exact time you start the assessment. I will look for your work           hours after you tell me you start. Email your assessment back to me at the end of the            hours.

Once you send your assessment back, I will schedule a follow up meeting and you will pitch your work to demonstrate your verbal communication skills.

Write the specific instructions for the assessment here.


I will look for your text or email letting me know you are starting your assessment. Call me with any questions, I don’t want you to struggle so feel free to reach out with questions.

Let me know when you start and I will look for your email and attachments in           hours.

Have fun with it. Ready, set, go!