Creating Intern Job Descriptions

Job descriptions for interns are not the typical job description.  It is important  to remember the intern is there to learn how to connect theory from school to the real world.  
Job skills are built on the soft skills students know. As a reminder, students generally don't have knowledge of your business, industry, products or services.   For many students, this will be their first real job. 
Job Description Template
Sample Job Description
Below are tips on how to prepare the ​Intern's duties and tasks. 
  • List day-to-day duties and responsibilities
  • List responsibilities, especially those connected to the communication professions such as writing press releases, managing digital content, researching and creating media lists, etc.
  • Start with verb, i.e. Assist, Learn, Research, Create, Prepare,  Attend
  • No more than 20% clerical work
  • List two or three learning objectives that describe what the student should expect to learn through this internship. For example, “Will learn to write compelling online content,” and “Will gain experience in project and event management, public relations, and event logistics.”