Juicy News- Meet the Intern Recognition Award Winners for 2021 Summer Semester

Intern Pursuit, a DEI, HR and Skill Development platform for employers and interns announced their summer 2021 Intern Recognition Awards. This is an opportunity for our employer members (Employers4Change) to recognize the outstanding interns that worked with them during summer 2021. In order to participate in this award, Intern Pursuit employer customers nominate interns they were matched with and demonstrated at least one of the outlined criteria. Overall, Intern Pursuit seeks to recognize those interns who excel in their job roles, under the mentorship of their amazing employer mentors.

City District Orlando

The first winners are a pair from City District Orlando; Angelica Gonzalez and Kevin Thacker! Under the guidance of their success manager, Rosangela Parker, they were able to excel in their internships. City District Orlando is comprised of business owners working together to strengthen economic development in Downtown Orlando. With support from local merchants, the City District has continued to grow by becoming a member of Main Street America. Rosangela highlighted Angelica’s responsibility, creativity, as well as design skills and highly recommend her to others. Kevin exceled with his engagement, commitment and research skills all while attending school full time. Rosangela's interview on The Intern Whisperer can be found here or your favorite podcast channel. We love comments, please tell us what you learned.