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Juicy News- Meet the Intern Recognition Award Winners for 2021 Summer Semester

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Intern Pursuit, a DEI, HR and Skill Development platform for employers and interns announced their summer 2021 Intern Recognition Awards. This is an opportunity for our employer members (Employers4Change) to recognize the outstanding interns that worked with them during summer 2021. In order to participate in this award, Intern Pursuit employer customers nominate interns they were matched with and demonstrated at least one of the outlined criteria. Overall, Intern Pursuit seeks to recognize those interns who excel in their job roles, under the mentorship of their amazing employer mentors.

City District Logo

The first winners are a pair from City District Orlando; Angelica Gonzalez and Kevin Thacker! Under the guidance of their success manager, Rosangela Parker, they were able to excel in their internships. City District Orlando is comprised of business owners working together to strengthen economic development in Downtown Orlando. With support from local merchants, the City District has continued to grow by becoming a member of Main Street America. Rosangela highlighted Angelica’s responsibility, creativity, as well as design skills and highly recommend her to others. Kevin exceled with his engagement, commitment and research skills all while attending school full time. Rosangela's interview on The Intern Whisperer can be found here or your favorite podcast channel. We love comments, please tell us what you learned.

Amly Sustainability Logo

Another outstanding intern is Kyra Bassett. She interns at AMLY Sustainability. Kyra demonstrated a high level of professionalism while doing her assignments. Her success manager Ana Leal said, “She has been challenged with topics not familiar to her and her research and interest in learning has led to writing articles and social media pieces that contribute to building the subject matter expertise of the business.” AMLY Sustainability is a Florida Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (WBE) founded in 2019 with the mission of accelerating the sustainability and circularity of materials, products, and supply chain. “Kyra has quickly learned to use media such as Canva and lead the social media content of the business, increasing visibility. She has demonstrated passion to learn and commitment to work.” When asked to share a quote that best exemplifies Kyra’s work ethic, Ana said, “Kyra is motivated, fast learner and professional because she is open to learn about new topics and find the best way to convey technical aspects to anyone using multiple media.” Be sure to tune into Ana's interview on The Intern Whisperer here or your favorite podcast channel. Leave us a comment please.

302 Interactive Logo

The next winner is Claudia Caballero, who interned with302 Interactive. Under the guidance of her success manager, Bobby Torres and technical mentor Deana Galbraith, Claudia excelled in her internship. 302 Interactive is a Digital User Experience Lab with the mission to bridge cutting-edge technology and the human experience. Bobby highlighted Claudia's professionalism & work ethic, her productivity mindset, and her knowledge of the industry she works in. He also recognized her exceptional professionalism and wisdom beyond her years. Bobby went on to say that she has repeatedly proven that age is but a number as she works through challenging projects. He stated that Claudia showed them that an intern, no matter that age or experience level, can join the team and be a productive member that pushes the team forward. Bobby is proud to nominate her for recognition. When asked to share a quote that best exemplifies Claudia’s personality, Bobby said, “I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.” – Venus Williams.

Corgi Art House Logo

Meet another outstanding intern team that worked with Corgi Art House: Dustin Smith, who was a project manager intern and Morgan Barnhart who was a 2D/3D artist intern. Their success manager, Tony Bagsby is the Founder and CEO of Corgi Art House shared “I enjoyed working with them and being a part of their professional growth.” Morgan was exceptional in her internship when she developed character concepts for our partner's internal intellectual property. Similarly, Dustin truly shined when he took the helm and I needed help the most in the area of project management. He kept up with my artist and kept them looped in with changes and updates. Corgi Art House is a company that provides 3D art production support for game development, simulation, and interactive experiences by offering services in 3D modeling, 3D animation, texturing, rigging, 2D sprite animation, and real-time effects. Tony Bagsby complemented the intern team by saying “they are really helping to bring Corgi Art House to the next level.” Additionally, when asked to share a quote that best exemplifies their work ethic, Tony said, “They are really impressing us with their dedication and professionalism.” Want to learn more about Tony? Listen to his interview on The Intern Whisperer here or your favorite podcast channel.

Landen Conner Logo

A previous intern with Intern Pursuit is also recognized with this award: Mitzary Rosales. She did a double internship while working with Landen Conner Photo. Landen is also the designated branding photographer for Intern Pursuit. Landen helps owners enhance their personal brands and display confident authentic visuals that generate quality. Landen shared that Mitzary was definitely knowledgeable about what she was doing in the role of video editing. She also was able to break down why her projects were done as they were done. Landen emphasized how her knowledge of her subject material was incredibly helpful. Finally, when asked to share a quote that best exemplifies this team Landon said, “Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." -- Bruce Garrabrandt. As an additional shout out to Mitzary’s skill set, she works FT and did two internships that accelerated her skills. Mitzary was responsible for editing Intern Pursuit’s podcast, The Intern Whisperer. Be sure to listen to Landen’s interview here.

Intern Pursuit Platform was founded in 2018 by Isabella Johnston, a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in human resource development, education, and entrepreneurship. The platform solves Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion employer problems while upskilling both employee and intern from recruitment through skill development. Intern Pursuit streamlines the selection process while increasing diversity and inclusion. It is powered by a smart machine learning (AI) algorithm that identifies the best candidates for employers based on job preferences, trending HR Power Skills, culture fit while improving skill development for employee and intern alike.

Employers 4 Change Logo

Intern Pursuit recognizes these outstanding interns by awarding them with Intern Pursuit swag, a certificate for their performance, an Intern Pursuit T-shirt, Intern Pursuit Game sticker, and an Amazon gift card. They would also like to recognize the amazing companies that provided these interns with nurturing environments for them to excel. Our outstanding Employers4Change include Rosangela Parker with City District Orlando, Tony Bagsby with Corgi Art House, Ana Leal with AMLY Sustainability, Robert Torres and Deana Galbraith with 302 Interactive, and Landen Conner with Landen Conner Photo, all embody Intern Pursuit’s values of mentoring mindset, equity, diversity, and inclusion and truly exemplify what it is to be an Employer4Change. Visit Intern Pursuit to learn more to have an amazing intern experience, improve company culture, and upskill your Employer4Change skills.

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