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Welcoming Jonathan Destine to

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Jonathan Destine may have his finger in a lot of pies as an Interdisciplinary Studies major at UCF, but what really gets him hyped up is web development and digital media. has signed him on as their front-end developer intern on their first internship program.

Jonathan loves the entrepreneurial atmosphere this startup provides and how hands-on they are. He knows he’ll be able to knock off his goals of building a stronger foundation for his web development, digital marketing, and data driven analytics skills.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a businessman and media mogul that Jonathan follows has once said, “Whether you’re 9 or 90, stop trying to fix the things you’re bad at, and focus on the things you’re good at.” Jonathan agrees and is using that same advice to build towards starting his own personal venture in the next five to ten years.

His advice to interns is similar: “Focus on your strengths and be aware of your capabilities and how you can improve yourself.”


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