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Welcoming Melanie Alvarez to Intern Pursuit

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

A previous intern at the Osceola Board of County Commisioners’ Corner, we welcome Melanie to the Intern Pursuit team.

Melanie's the type of person who understands how important words are to creating the culture that makes the world turn. That’s why she avidly pursues journalism and media in her studies at the University of Central Florida, and throughout her higher education career, has served as a student reporter and contributing writer at various companies. Journalism and media aren’t her standalone loves. Did we mention she’s hoping to publish a novel of her own some day?

In the meantime, though, she plans to use her journalism and media skills to further accelerate her growth at Intern Pursuit as she learns about podcasting, social media marketing and interviewing through our Intern Whisperer podcast.

Her words to the wise employer: “Understand the role you play in prepping young professionals for the workforce.”


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