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Invest in yourself, your career and intern talent through the latest HR, academic, and DOL practices and research.

Learning is integrated with communications on career advancement to have a clear understanding of the skills and capabilities needed for both leader and intern growth with goals to obtain them.


Employers 4 Change documents intern and mentor goals, skill development, and yields continuous feedback for company growth

Improve Your Business


Build your strategy on a framework and methodology that aligns training and learning with marketing and sales goals that supports  revenue growth for your organization through double-loop learning.

Add globally recognized certificates to your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

Receive training on how to manage and document the intern's tasks and skills using HR, Academic, and Department of Labor standards.

Join E4C Academy


Join our growing community of intern mentors and leaders who are transforming the way the world uses interns in business to improve processes, performance, and KPI outcomes.

Get tips from our Employers4Change community. Consider this community an extension of your human resource, marketing and sales team - we're here to lend a helping hand!

Does your business demonstrate the best practice HR methods?

Documenting what unpaid interns do in your business is a process and reduces risk! By practicing proper HR methods employers will create a more team-oriented culture and improve employee experience to increases your prospect outreach and customer experience.

If you hire unpaid interns check to see if you meet the Department of Labor's 7 Criteria for Unpaid Internships

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"We believe in education equity and workforce inclusion that embraces multidimensional learning, peer, reverse, and social mentoring." 

When you sign up as a member you receive your badge and send us a picture with the pledge. 

We will publish it and post an interview featuring your company.

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