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Employer annual membership is based on the number of employees that will work with your intern.


Each member has their own account to access the E4C Academy, recruiting and assessment tools, onboarding HR docs, compliance toolkit, and your own dashboard. Your dashboard documents your intern's tasks/skills while working with the employee mentor, and earn course badges. 


Select the membership level appropriate for the number of people responsible to mentor your intern.

Membership is for 2023
(Must have dedicated company email, (no accounts)
Enjoy all types of benefits while testing E4C algorithm, HR tools, E4C Academy, and other special perks.
  • Free registration

  • Free company profile

  • Free job posting

  • Access to employer training 

  • Job description training

  • Skill Assessment templates

  • Send Skill Assessments

  • Onboarding HR docs

  • Onboarding HR videos

  • Compliance Toolkit

  • Employer badges

  • Key performance analytics



3-8 employee seats in your company

(No accounts)

  • Everything in Standard  plan

  • Custom analytics

  • Exportable reports

  • Social recognition

  • Employer blog posts



9-14 employee seats in

your company

(No accounts)

  • Everything in Team  plan

  • 24/7 support

  • 1 hour of 1-on-1 group onboarding

  • Logo on print collateral

  • Logo placement on podcast cover



1-2 employee seats in your company

(No accounts)



14+ employee seats in your company(Must have dedicated company email account)


Improve multidimensional skills 
(Must have dedicated company email).
Membership $119.00 a month

Nonprofits receive a discount rate and must be 501(c)(3) IRS entity with dedicated company email account.
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