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Welcome to the Next
Level of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Recruiting to Skill Development 

  • The perfect blend of AI that increases Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion selection and culture.

  • Automations to stream line paperwork. 

  • Upskills mid-senior level and interns through multidimensional learning and human connection.

  • Provides continuous, experiential #FutureofWork PowerSkill development and management.

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IP proprietary algorithm matches students to prospective employee mentors using 3 variables: job preferences, 21st century core skills, and culture fit. 

This reduces employer bias. Our IP assessment tools help employers evaluate candidates skills (same core skills in algorithm). Candidates' name and resume are hidden. After the employer receives completed assessments; they interview and select the best candidate from matched short list and assessment which improves diversity.

How Intern Pursuit Works

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How Employers 4 Change Works

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E4C proprietary algorithm matches students to prospective employee mentors using 3 variables: Job Preferences, 21st Century Core Skills, and Culture Fit. 

Increase diversity, equity and inclusion. Our E4C algorithm and assessment tools help employers select qualified candidates based on skills. 

E4C  automates the intern management process from recruitment to transition.

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E4C Academy provides multidimensional skill development  for employees and interns using peer and reverse mentoring methodology proven to upskill and enhance organizational processes.

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Our Clients

Trusted by corporate, smb, nonprofit, and government entities.


See our impact on our established members

E4C provided four high-quality college interns to Florida Association of Veteran-Owned Businesses, Inc. (FAVOB) this past quarter. FAVOB couldn't have continued improving and providing better value to our members without that support. Definitely tune into this webinar if you need more hands for your organizations or company to get stuff actually done.

Karen Tabbert
Affiliate Manager

If you want to have a successful internship program, and get qualified interns to save time and money, try E4C's platform, because they do the heavy lifting. Also, the compliance component is completely handled when hiring unpaid interns, so companies reduce their risk and have less to worry about.

For anyone that needs one or more interns, I highly recommend using the services offered by E4C. We were matched to the best interns and our training helped us achieve the best outcomes  for our employees and the interns. You will be very happy with the results and your interns are more likely to return as full-time employees and recommend you as a "great place to


Barron Mills

Bob Reed

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