Members FAQ


Are our students profiles public?

No, our goal is to have employers select candidates using our proprietary algorithm, skill assessment, personality assessment, and resume rather than the student’s name and picture. We believe this will help reduce bias and focus on real skills and personality type when selecting talent.

How do we see employer profiles?

Employer profiles are visible to the public. Their contact information is kept private.

Can our employers join?

Absolutely! Membership ensures they document the use of their intern using academic, HR, and Department of Labor guidelines. Our video training library will educate them how to work with students with disabilities, international students, mentor interns in areas of time management, communication, and soft skill development.


How do I repost a job listing?

Select the job listing you want to repost and click on Repost.

How can I edit my listing?

Select on the job listing you want to edit and click on Edit.

How do I remove a job listing?

Select on the job listing you want to remove and click on Archive.

How can I tell what the status of my job listing is?

Live job listings will be visible on your profile page. If job listings are not live then you can access them through your back office.

How do I search and invite students to apply to my job listing?

Your job listings will be accessible on the 9,000 schools in Intern Pursuit database, shared through LinkedIn, and in the near future we will be partnering with other job listing providers.

Why can’t I see what students look like on their profile?

Our program helps reduce bias and focus on real skills and personality type to help you assess your talent choices.

How do I reach out to my applicants?

You can reach out to applicants after you have been matched with our proprietary algorithm, sent and received both the real skill and personality assessments.

When do I access a student’s resumé?

After you receive your matched list of candidates assessments you will have access to the candidates you want to to interview and their resumés.

How can I change the password for my account?

Go to your dashboard and select the Change Password link.

I forgot my password. How can I reset my password?

Click on the Forgot My Password link and you will receive an email that will allow you to reset your password.

How do I remove schools from my listing?

Go to the Schools Section on your dashboard, click on the school name, check the box, and select Delete.

How do I add schools to a listing?

Search for a school and select.

How do I add or remove filters?

Really simple, click on the Filters link and you can adjust filters that simply.

How can I add or change custom questions to my job listing?

Click on your job listing and select Edit. You may go to the section in the job listing you wish to change. Be sure to hit SAVE.

How will I know when I get matched?

It takes 60 seconds to receive your list of candidates. You will receive an email that your list of candidates is ready for you to review.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Absolutely, you will edit this in your back office.

Can I downgrade my membership?

Yes, you will edit in the back office.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, however no refunds are given.

How can I view my payment history?

Go to your back office and click on the payment history link.

Will my membership automatically renew?


Where can I see the membership tier I signed up for?

Go to your back office and select Membership information.

When does my membership start?

It begins when your membership application is completed and payment is processed. Access all of the Intern Pursuit training tools learn how to build and invest in your intern program.

Which applicant tracking systems do you integrate with?

We have a proprietary customized tracking system within Intern Pursuit. We currently do not utilize other services. Please recommend systems you would like us to add to our program.


How much does Intern Pursuit cost students?

Totally Free!

Is my information public?

Nope, totally locked down. We follow General Data Protection Regulations which is the highest level of cybersecurity provisions.

What type of employers are on the site?

All types, profit, nonprofit, government, small, medium, and enterprise size business.

Do I need a picture?

We recommend you have a headshot picture, something similar to LinkedIn. Intern Pursuit profiles are private until you interview with an employer.

Uploading a resumé.

Super simple. Be sure you upload a PDF version. Click the link that says Upload Resumé and you will see the PDF icon appear and let you know it is there.

How can I edit/update my Intern Pursuit profile?

Select Edit and you can move to ________

How do I apply for a job?

You can select from any of our employers job listings. Keep in mind we match student skills and knowledge to employer job listings.

Is intern Pursuit available internationally?

Not yet. We plan to expand globally with pilot programs in selected areas.

How can I unsubscribe from Intern Pursuit emails?

Click Unsubscribe at the bottom of our emails to you.