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Intern Pursuit Platform Launches Their New Game!


Oct 20, 2020

Intern Pursuit Platform launches their Intern Pursuit Game on November 2. The game, developed by Cat 5 Studios, is a third-person tower defense game where the intern works in the 21st century and travels through a portal back to the 50's.

The intern must use critical thinking, problem solving, and strategy to complete the objective to save the world and earn talent.

Isabella Johnston, founder and CEO of Intern Pursuit said she "created the game because she loves teams and superheroes and wanted to gamify Intern Pursuit's platform to reach more students seeking internships with gaming companies." Learn more: Intern Pursuit Launches New Game

Intern Pursuit Platform
Intern Pursuit Software Platform was founded in 2018 by Isabella Johnston, a serial entrepreneur, HRD facilitator and adjunct professor. The platform uses artificial intelligence machine learning to identify intern candidates for employers.

Cat 5 Studios
Cat 5 Studios produces video and games (serious and entertainment) for the defense, government, healthcare, construction, and education industries. Learn more by visiting Contact

Isabella Johnston

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