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12 Free Apps You'll Love For Staying Creative And Productive

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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During a time of self-quarantining, social distancing, and curfews it comes as no surprise that our society as a whole has suddenly felt like it has been put on hold. We live in a world hyper focused on the idea of productivity and constant movement. This ideology, at surface level, almost directly clashes with the current state of our new normal. But what if it didn't have to? With there being such a push to use our gifts or in some cases forced free time to the best of our ability, there are many people scrambling to find what exactly ticks that box. That is where our team comes into play as we present a list of ten free apps that can help inspire and maintain productivity all while making it stress free!


duolingo logo

With prestigious organizations such as TIME magazine and The New York Times offering nothing but overwhelming praise to this free app it is hard to overlook. Duolingo is a learning language app designed to turn the tricky task of mastering a new language into a fun, easy, and exciting process. The app has found a home on my phone as well as hundreds of thousands of other users, with almost 900,000 reviews on the apple app store. What better way to conquer the summer and social distancing by using your free time to learn a new language.

elevate logo

Selected by Apple as the app of the year in 2014 and currently ranking number four in all education games this is another app perfect for passing time while staying productive. Elevate is a brain training app that helps with memory, writing, math, focus, and more all while tailoring their training to each individual user's needs. It turns the chore of exercising your brain into fun and addictive games.

canva logo

Whether you are trying to revamp your Instagram feed, create shareable templates, or maybe even craft content for a job or internship this is the perfect way to do it. Canva is a user friendly design tool that allows you to edit photos, create logos, and add original designs to any platform they’d like. It also has a feature that allows teams to collaborate on their designs making it the perfect way to add a unique spin on projects.

Nike Run Club logo

A slightly unexpected entry on this list, this app is going to be essential for those wanting to focus their free time on fitness. The app comes with audio guided runs as well as a way to set goals and track progress. It was created with the goal to add a new and fun spin to running and maintaining physical fitness as well as help encourage those who may be at the beginning of their fitness journey. The app also includes leaderboards and a way to share with friends making it the perfect way to stay connected while apart.

Grammarly logo

For those wanting to spend the summer finally finishing that short story they started ages ago, practice their poetry skills, or perhaps just craft better emails while working from home Grammarly is exactly what they need. The app comes as a keyboard extension that works across many apps to help writers double check their work. On top of acting as a better auto correct Grammarly helps teach what the errors were helping the user learn what not to do in the future, overall improving the writing quality.

Ted Talks logo

With the tagline ‘Feed Your Curiosity’ the app version of TED Talk provides content on every topic imaginable. Created with the goal to inspire and inform, the app provides thousands of videos in over a hundred languages that allow viewers to learn and engage. With all kinds of varying topics discussed by experts in the field the possibilities are endless on what you could learn.

linkedIn learning logo

With an almost five star review this is another app that is hard to pass up. LinkedIn Learning is an app created by LinkedIn to help users watch professionals in their fields give lectures and tutorials and it also allows the user to engage with others interested in watching. It also allows for the user to explore new career fields as it is home to all kinds of different industries such as programming, marketing, and design just to name a few. This app is everything you need to spend the summer networking and learning.

Audible logo

Audible is an app ranked number one in books and it has held that title for years. With almost 3 million reviews on IOS alone it has racked up an impressive portfolio of endorsement in that time as well. The app acts as an enormous library of audio books that users are able to listen to whenever and wherever they want. The app also includes the ability to swap out books whenever you want, read the news, and even set sleep timers. It encourages users to listen to relax and wind down after a long day or even to listen while working on a project. This makes it a great source for anyone looking to pass time in an engaging way.

Zoom logo

Who hasn’t heard of Zoom at this point? Taking the market by storm when Covid-19 broke out, this app greatly popularized social distancing, ZOOM allows users to connect with others using clear video and audio. It is perfect for scheduling conference calls as it allows you to text or email invitations or maybe just having a night in with friends. The app version that also includes a safe driving mode also allows for those on the go to still remain engaged with their team, family, and friends.


Podbean is the podcast company we use to distribute our live radio/Facebook and podcast show, The Intern Whisperer. Podbean has been providing innovative podcasting services as an industry leader for more than ten years. Podbean podcast hosting distributes your podcast to all destinations: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, the Podbean Podcast App and more. Get your podcast heard by people all over the world. Listening to over 50 million episodes of podcasts worldwide on iPhone/iPad.

Check out our show and drop us a review, share, and follow our startup.

8fit logo

Consistently featured as “App of the Day” on the App Store, 8fit is making a real splash in the fitness and nutrition industry by helping those who game up on it. If you can’t stand diets or working out until failure, this app might be exactly what you need to rediscover your love for fitness- in a quick, easy, and beautifully-designed way. Try the app and tell us what you think.

spotify logo

The last entry on this list is an audio streaming app that has been around for years. It allows users to stream music from any artist, create a playlist, and even follow their favorite musicians to stay up to date. That however, is not the feature i wanted to

highlight and instead the fact that the app is also home to over 100,000 of podcasts. Ranging in categories from true crime to comedy to even business this feature of the app is perfect for anyone wanting to pass time while staying entertained

and maybe even learning something new.

Regardless of how your decide to spend your summer, we here at Intern Pursuit wish you a safe summer. Leave us a comment on what your favorite app is and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter to be notified about all of our great updates and resources.

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