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5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Workspace

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Because most universities have gone completely online for the fall semester or have made most of their classes remote through zoom, a lot of us will be doing much work for our classes and internships from our desks. While they work out okay, after working for days in the same space the scenery can soon become old leaving us unmotivated to complete our work. Thus, here are five simple ways to enhance your workspace to switch up the scene and boost both your productivity and creativity.

Organized workspace

1. Use mugs and cups as storage to stay organized.

Mugs and cups aren't just for drinking. Though most people use them to hold their beverages, they are actually a great way to store pens, pencils, paper clips, and other small items too. Almost any color works and it is a great way to take advantage of what you already have.

Organized workspace

2. Add life to your desk with a plant or two.

Succulents are one of many plants that require little work while also adding life to your space. However, if you really don't want to worry about taking care of something fake plants work fantastic as well.

Organized workspace

3. Add light to the room.

If you are working late or are in a space with bad lighting, adding light to your space can be essential and make all the difference. Depending on the area, some good options are candles, desk lamps, twinkle lights, and floor lamps. Not only will they help increase your productivity, but they will also serve as a decoration adding a pop of color to the area.

Organized workspace

4. Convert your computer into a work of art.

Instead of looking at a basic default computer screen when you open your laptop, you can instead look at an art deco piece or motivational saying by switching out your wallpaper. There are so many online to choose from and it will help increase your motivation and creativity to get you going throughout the day.

Photo Collage

5. Create and hang a collage or mood board.

This is a great way to add personality to your space as well as let your creativity grow. It will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day, and you can switch it up when you get tired of it.

To improve your workspace, I highly encourage you to try some of these tips. These are things I personally did, and I am happy I did them. Not only do I feel more energized to complete my work, but I also feel more productive and innovative. We invite you to subscribe to our list here and receive our newsletter and on check out our 60 Second HR Tips on YouTube to see our video on creating your remote workspace.

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