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Intern Essentials for Men

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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Taking on an internship's a major step in preparing for your career. It may be overwhelming when you look at your wardrobe and realize you might not have the pieces you need to look like a man who's ready to make serious strides toward his career. That’s why we want to make it easier for you. We made a list of some essential pieces you’ll need to look sharp and leave the best first impressions at your new job starting from the bottom-up.

The Right Shoes

For your new internship, you’ll want to own a nice pair of dress shoes in a neutral color: black, navy, or brown. Below are some great shoe options in different styles.

types of male shoes


Wear pants. Check your company’s dress code to see what is acceptable but we recommend staying away from shorts unless that's the company norm. Your pants should also be in neutral colors like black, navy, or khaki. They should be no baggier than a straight leg style. Pants that sit at the natural waist tend to look more flattering than pants that sit too low.

Pay attention to where your pants break. A break is the fold your pants make above where your pants meet your shoes. No break means your pants are barely touching your shoes. No break's more acceptable in today’s world and considered fashion forward but not favored by more traditional folks. If you’re not sure, we suggest sticking with a slight to medium break. Your shoe should be mostly visible and the pant legs shouldn't touch the ground.

Although you can get lucky with pants that fit perfectly straight off the rack it’s often not the case considering different heights and body types. If you can, try to get your pants tailored for the perfect fit. In the long run, it'll be worth the investment since you’ll be able to wear the pants past your internship and into your career.

types of male pants


Collared shirts like button ups and polos are great for internship attire.

types of collared shirts


Don’t forget that details are the difference between good and great. A brown, black, or navy belt's a detail that'll pull your whole look together. It will help you look more polished. A nice watch is also a great way to upgrade your internship style and look more sophisticated.

Thank you Jolene Taracatac, CEO Style Squad App for this article. Looking forward to one on fashion for women soon. You can reach Jolene at and be sure to sign up for StyleSquadApp.

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