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The Process of an Intern in Marketing

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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May 16, 2018 | Jeff Basista (Marketing)

When you sign up for an internship with an Intern Pursuit Employer you'll start to see yourself becoming relevant to the working environment as I did. You'll begin gaining skills and instincts that are useful during meetings, brainstorming and doing presentations. My internship at Intern Pursuit offered me many opportunities where I was able to learn skills which materialized with hard work and effort. I was given the opportunity to learn to create social content and how it's used to drive traffic to a company’s website. Specific examples of skills I acquired include:

  • I learned how to design effective headlines for content that spans multiple social platforms.

  • I learned to create hashtags targeting a specific audience or purpose.

  • I learned to how to acquire royalty free content images and create graphics for social posts that engage audiences.

  • I learned how to use a Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform to track customer engagement, load content with a scheduling platform like Hootsuite, and earned certificates from Hubspot.

I was given the opportunity to help teach a group of students from Lake Highland Prep how to develop content for social media distribution. That made me realize how much I learned about marketing.

Being in the work environment was the biggest benefit in obtaining my overall marketing skills.

Other skills I obtained included:

  • Attend career events and recruit potential interns to work with Intern Pursuit

  • Meet with clients and observe how to interact during meetings

  • Attend networking events and represent the company

The work environment was filled with entrepreneurs, software developers, graphic designers, and other professionals.

It was great, I could ask questions of experts in the office about tasks and responsibilities I was given for my internship. The people I worked with in my environment taught me the value of critical thinking and problem solving skills every day so I can…

  1. Value processes

  2. Create processes


  1. Solve simple tasks

  2. Solve complex tasks

Remember, no matter how big or small, how simple or complex, over time you will develop both the hard and soft skills for everyday and work life. Thus, giving the old saying “life doesn't get easier, you just get better at managing it.”

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