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#whatIlearned Interning in the U.S.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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My name's Helmi. I'm from Indonesia, and I have earned a technical certificate for Business Management and Administration from Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. When I was at the college, I looked for an internship opportunity to provide me with a working understanding on how work culture is in the United States. Though, mostly, I was eager for an opportunity to hone my personal and professional development. Fortunately, I met Isabella Johnston and through her company Intern Pursuit, was connected to one of her clients, RB Advisory. RB Advisory's a cybersecurity consulting firm headquartered in Florida that also, around the time I was looking for an internship, was looking for students able to intern with them. During my internship with RB Advisory, I learned how to advance my research capacities in order to create marketing content, to excel in time management and finish tasks in a timely fashion, and to perform and respond better to the team dynamic. These same skills are the same necessary ones that I continue to use and can't forgo.


As a marketing intern, I've learned to have a deep understanding of market trends and opportunities in their field. This requires research skills that go beyond a simple Google search. With research skills, I learned to focus on specifying the subject matter to get into the hearts of the many, smaller issues that only experts of their business know. This helped me gain a better understanding of the cybersecurity market and how it operates.

RB Advisory has a goal to raise public awareness to the role cybersecurity holds and can hold in preventing cybercrime for families and organizations. I've had an opportunity researching the organizations that need cybersecurity, creating contents such as articles, and distributing those articles using social media in an innovative way. This was new for me since I've undertaken marketing class but haven't applied it until I helped RB Advisory to do their marketing effort, and it was a challenging yet great experience.

Time Management.

Having strong time management skills have ultimately led me to accomplish key tasks and goals. Time management skill includes staying organized and assessing each of my responsibilities for priority. I did intern with RB Advisory remotely, which means that I can work from anywhere and wherever I want. This was quite challenging for me as a procrastinator. However, with the guidance and supervision given, I've learned to work smart and effectively without losing the time to accomplish tasks given. The trick is to organize my tasks and use my time effectively to get more things done each day. This have helped me to lower pressure level and do better.

Team Dynamic.

I wasn't alone interning with RB Advisory. Sara Cano from Colombia was also my colleague or whom I called intern-mate. Together with the RB Advisory’s Director of Operations, Mitchell Gross; Sara and I worked side-by-side to accomplish tasks regarding the marketing effort of RB Advisory. We've planned and created the contents together, communicated ideas and challenges we have faced, and solved the challenges together as a team. I realize that team dynamic brings together people with diverse skills to create something that no one person could do alone, and a well-planned team improves motivation. Communication's higher on a team, and the diverse skill set means team can discover new approaches.

I've learned a lot while interning with RB Advisory. Those three skills set I mentioned above are absolutely a package of skill that enrich my resume and I bring with me to the next level of my career development. I hope to use those skills in future employments, as well as advance those skills more so that I'll have a better opportunity and position is a career that I pursue.


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