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Juicy News - 2022 Recap and Milestones

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

2022 has been a great year for Employers 4 Change.

We are so happy to have met our goals. Here are the big ones.

  • Accepted to the Transcend-Network Fellowship Cohort

  • Began testing platform with pilot students and employers,

  • Sent pitch deck out to potential Angel and Seed investors

  • Hit 10K+ downloads on The Intern Whisperer Podcast

  • Hit 100 viewers on our Employers 4 Change YouTube channel

  • Launched Intern Pursuit Game into early access on Steam

  • Have 100+ game customers on Intern Pursuit Game on Steam

  • Received DEI Women In Tech ticket to attend the SaaStr Conference in San Francisco

  • Received Startup Female Founder ticket to attend the Accent Conference in New York

To learn more please check out our press release links below

Thank you to our incredible guests of Thought Leaders, Futurists, CEOs, and HR Professionals

Be sure to listen to The Intern Whisperer audio podcast here or watch on it on our YouTube channel here.

Podbean Audio Podcast - TOP 10

E4C YouTube Podcast Channel - TOP 10

First place Victoria Yampolsky, Ep. 222

First place Bob Dixon, Ep. 190

Second place Albee Shanefelter, Ep. 224

Second place John Crossman, Ep. 194

Third place Matthew Brown, Ep. 210

Third place Johnny Williams, Ep. 108

Bob Dixon, Ep. 190

Amelia Heroux, Ep. 221

Jeremy Gottschalk, Ep. 205

Rosa Espinal Perry, Ep. 206

Ted Bogert, Ep. 211

Amanda Allen, Ep. 187

Christian Flowers & Daniel Conti, Ep. 212

Albee Shanefelter, Ep. 224

Jaime Donally, Ep. 199

Ronald AngSiy, Ep. 203

Amanda Allen, Ep. 187

Brian David Washington, Ep. 189

Steve Isaacs, Ep. 215

Jane Oates, Ep. 184 & Ms. Sutherd, Ep. 227

I believe we are made for relationship, always. The growth of this company has been done with the help from intern talent, advisors, employer customers, key partners, and community partners. It is important to acknowledge so many.

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