How Your Personality Type Can Help You Get Hired

This article is courtesy of 16 Personalities and guest author Kyle.

When applying for a job, it’s good to let your natural personality shine. If you force an image that’s too far from your true self, it may work against you. Inauthenticity can be off-putting – and people often fill in the blanks with their own impressions. (Plus, it can be hard to maintain a false image.) So, why not use the genuinely positive side of your personality traits to make a good impression?

Many of our strengths as individuals relate to 16 personality types. Here, I’ll highlight some virtues commonly associated with the traits that make up every personality type to help you identify what makes you awesome. I’ll also include some prompts to get you thinking about how to include those positives in your résumés and interviews, in your own words. Expressing your authentic qualities can help you feel stronger and more confident – and make you more appealing as a candidate.

Introverted (I) Many people assume that Introversion means that you don’t like being around people. That’s not necessarily true. Additionally, social proclivities are only one aspect of behavior associated with this trait – it also has to do with your relationship to external stimuli and engagement. Introverts tend to ruminate before acting, subjecting everything to notable internal thought, whether consciously or not. That’s often a good thing and deserves to be presented as such.

“I have very active internal mental processes. I like to consider things thoughtfully before acting so that I can commit my energy confidently to a course of action.”

Extraverted (E) Extraversion isn’t just about social habits, although if it happens to mean that you enjoy meeting and spending lots of time with people, that