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Top 3 Keys to Success

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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College is time in life for many young adults full of moments that provide learning opportunities with choices that can produce good or poor results. We meet new people, experience fun and interesting activities, and have the opportunity to join organizations. I can definitely relate to these moments. Most graduates will agree, this a rite of passage. It’s a transition from teenager years to a grown up life that can be a stressful process and tests our choices.

I'm an international student and making choices that determine my future career. I wonder what should I focus on when thinking of starting my career? Especially, when I'm not sure what I want to do for the next five years, let alone my entire life.

The word “Experience” is such a unique word and relates to any life situation. This is one of the reasons why we rely on the advice of older and experienced adults to guide us in setting goals and making choices for our future. They have the advantage of years of experience. Let’s be real, we're here to get a degree for a reason – to build a successful future. All the jokes about employers who want to hire a 20-year old individual with 40-years of experience are partly true and fair. Students have the opportunity to gain professional experience during college. If a student wants work experience that produces positive results, they need to earn it. How can a student get experience?

My personal top three keys to success are:

1. Be positive.

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2. Take initiative.

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3. Manage your time well.

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If you're ready to start succeeding and gaining career experience while in college, I recommend signing up with a new startup company called Intern Pursuit.

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This software platform connects employers that are desperately seeking college students like YOU. The platform tracks the skills you are earning while working with the employer. The most important feature I like about Intern Pursuit is that I'm matched to an employer that wants to help me earn the skills I can put on my resume and mentor me in the process.

Want to know more? Well, it's free for students. Students sign up, create a profile and an algorithm matches the student to employers. Best part, it's all built around reducing bias and your name and identity are kept private. You get to meet employers that are looking for your skillset.

This is a short list of benefits Intern Pursuit offers:

  • Free to join

  • Identifies job skills for your resume

  • Ability to set professional goals

  • Gain confidence

  • Integrate academic knowledge and put into real practice

  • Opportunity to work in teams

  • Opportunity to develop leadership skills

Oh, one other thing, check out the #WhatILearned stories from me and other interns that received real job skills. Go to Intern Pursuit’s Instagram and watch The Intern Whisperer on Facebook to hear great stories. Sign up today and get the job skills you deserve to have. Go to to sign up.


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