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#whatIlearned Interning at Intern Pursuit

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

student holding #what I learned sign

My name's Marielle and I'm pursuing an A.S degree in Graphic Design print major at Valencia College. My internship with Intern Pursuit, The Game and Pivot Business Consulting was a good experience because it helped me realize how much I could improve myself. I learned many things while interning for in the HR industry, from planning schedules to networking and practicing social skills.

The first skill I learned is time management. One of the most important skills for me was setting up time for separate priorities such as studying for school work and completing intern tasks. So in order to be consistent and organized, I had to build a schedule for myself to keep track of school time and my internship hours throughout my semester.

Communication's a second skill I learned while working with other interns. This internship has given me an insight on teamwork and receiving feedback on work performance. Working on the Intern Pursuit Game team was a great experience for me because I met other interns and learned new things from them. And, it was a great opportunity to manage projects with others and meet deadlines, while practicing my hard skills in graphic design.

Another helpful skill learned is networking. I think that staying in contact with people is one of the most important things to know, even when a person doesn't work with others for a period of time. What I also learned from Intern Pursuit's how different companies and industries make connections with each other, including students to help improve their career path and job skills. 

Having said all that, what I've taken away from my internship experience is that people learn new things everyday. And once I finish school I tend to apply all I learned in the new job effectively. I also plan on continuing to improve my skills while gaining more knowledge, so that I can be as helpful as I can. But most importantly, I'll take more risks and gain new experience in the world, both in career and life.


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