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#WhatILearned as a Business Management Intern

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

E4C Intern Roger Guerrero

My name's Roger Guerrero and I attend Rollins College majoring in economics and a minor in business management. I was born in Venezuela, but was raised here in the USA, specifically Orlando. I now work at Pivot Business Consulting as a business management intern.

The top three skills I learned from my internship were time management, rock solid confidence, and how to be a better team player.

Time management's a golden skill. During my time as an intern, I learned more about myself and how I use my time. This takeaway was critical because in those past three months I learned how to organize myself in the best way possible using Asana (a work management platform) and finessing my use of a calendar to be more visual. This is something I've become even more aware of because my dad was in the military and now, I see how time's managed differently in the business world.

Confidence's a skill I improved here at Pivot. I felt I was pretty confident to start. Using and learning other platforms and resources during my internship helped me to become more confident in gaining and applying my skills in the work environment.

The third skill I believe was really valuable's participating in teams. Becoming a team player's an awesome skill that I learned and practiced. I had the opportunity to cross-train another intern and collaborate with other team members.

Finally, I just want to express that this internship at Pivot Business Consulting was life changing. I believe I had a successful internship with Pivot Business Consulting and look forward to my future with the company.

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