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#whatIlearned as a Business Development Intern

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

My name's Sara Cano and this is my #WhatILearned story:

I studied Business Management at Valencia College through a grant awarded by the U.S Department of State. I'm from Colombia. I'd always dreamed of living and studying in the U.S. I was able to make that dream come true through the Community College Initiative Program, which required me to complete certain amount of internship hours. When I was looking for an intern position, I found out about Isabella Johnston and her companies Pivot Business Consulting and Intern Pursuit; I decided to look for an internship using Intern Pursuit’s services. I was matched to a Marketing and Business Development internship with one of its employers. I worked with RB Advisory, LLC, a cybersecurity company. While being an intern, I developed and strengthened a set of power skills such as communication, leadership, and some knowledge of marketing.

Communication was key in my role as a marketing intern because I had to communicate clearly and efficiently with my coworkers, supervisors, and the clients. My ability to communicate with them allowed me to improve my knowledge, and also permitted us to better understand each other and be able to transmit value to our clients. Having good communication skills improves the dynamic within the company and the ability to work as a team. Moreover, a clear communication's crucial when driving the team towards the organizational objectives.

I worked in a team with another intern which helped improve my leadership skills. Intern Pursuit teaches employers how to improve intern workload. With RB Advisory, my teammate (Helmi Wattimury) and I were given the freedom to decide when we would complete our tasks within a preset time frame. This really helped develop my self-confidence and time management skills. A healthy self-esteem and assurance were essential for me to be a leader and help my coworkers to achieve their own goals at work. I enjoy giving my best to inspire others to work hard as well, and I discovered that was my leadership style when I had the opportunity to be a leader among RB Advisory’s interns.

As a marketing intern, I took my theoretical knowledge from school and applied it to the real-life experience which helped me obtain certain marketing and content development skills. Some of my tasks with RB Advisory included creating buyer personas, writing essays to distribute on social media and the company's web page, and developing content posts to promote the company's articles and services. Furthermore, I learned a lot about cybersecurity, which is RB Advisory’s industry. Before being a marketing intern I knew just some theory of it, but I didn't have any practice or experience, and that's why this position was crucial for me to take my knowledge and skills forward and beyond.

In conclusion, I can say that being an intern at RB Advisory gave me power skills to improve not only my experience, but also my values as a person. I feel I'm more capable of pursuing my dreams, and that I have hard and power skills that'll help me get a good job. I'll take the communication, leadership and marketing skills into my next job, and I'm sure I can keep cultivating them to give my best at work. With the set of abilities I obtained with my internship, I'm able to keep growing, learning, and giving value to my resume and my profile as a worker. Thank you Intern Pursuit for connecting me to an #Employer4Change.


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