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Welcoming Joshua Olivares to Florida Association for Veteran Owned Businesses

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Joshua Olivares is a man on a mission and a marketer-to-be with a message.

He's the kind of person who understands on the one hand just how important law enforcement and military are to the community and on the other, independence and financial freedom. That’s why he’s happy to be a part of Florida Association for Veteran Owned Businesses' (FAVOB) mission of supporting veterans and businesses alike. He’ll be working alongside their team, helping to do marketing research, write content, and beef up their online presence.

Joshua’s mission doesn’t stop there, however. He’s currently working towards his associates degree at Valencia College with plans on transferring to the University of Central Florida for a Bachelor’s in Marketing. This Grant Cardone fan's hoping that in the next 5-10 years he’ll be marketing his own small business at a local conference and will have interned for Under Armour, a sports brand where he's a current associate.

He wants employers to know that having a strategic plan for the training and mentorship of their potential interns is crucial for their own success with the interns.


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