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Welcoming Logan Ryan to Intern Pursuit

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

A person with vision and an eye for details.

Meet Logan Ryan, our newest Information Technology (IT) Intern at Intern Pursuit and Film Graduate of the University of Central Florida. Good with words, good with others, and great with coding, Logan's helping us to update and build our Intern Pursuit website and reimagine our online experience.

This humbly self-confessed grammar guru and lifelong screenwriter is mastering both JavaScript and project management during his time with us. When he’s not busy coding up a storm or assessing project efficiency, he continues working on his film scripts, enjoys people who enjoy David Bowie, and does other technical computer things.

His advice to interns and employers, is the same advice to us all: “Listen to each other, understand each other, and find the best way to work.”


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