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How Becoming an #Employer4Change Can Benefit Your Company

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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Here at Intern Pursuit, we strongly believe in the value of interns. Not only can interns bring a fresh perspective to your team, but they also give you an opportunity to pay it forward. Just think back to when you were trying to land your first entry-level job, did you have the experience your potential employers were looking for? More importantly, did you have valuable and meaningful experience to put on your resume? Running an internship is a lot of responsibility and it can add a lot of work to your supervisors and HR team, but that’s where Intern Pursuit comes in.

Our Employers for Change pledge guides employers in best practice training methods for the employer and the intern.

E4C Pledge: Intern Pursuit believes in educating employers to create a learning culture for interns that embraces transparent and accountable mentoring, inclusion, and teamwork.

2) Position your business as one that is dedicated to providing holistic and rewarding internship experiences for students.

While these seem like easily attainable goals that your employees can handle, the reality is that it takes a lot of time and attention to get these two tasks right. Instead of overloading your employees and taking their focus from their important daily tasks, Intern Pursuit can help you achieve these goals through our peer learning methodology and easy to use platform.

With our Employers for Change program, you can be a distinguished employer on our platform. You have the opportunity to earn badges to show your dedication to providing quality internships for students. This becomes a real advantage in the recruiting process since interns want to make sure they won’t be wasting their time at a useless internship. Companies that have earned Employers for Change badges show that they are prepared to offer valuable experience to interns, immediately sidestepping this authenticity issue. Another perk is that our program trains you to document intern experience, which means you will have real measurable results to share with your interns after their internship so they can fill their resume with tangible skills. But don’t rely just on our advice, take it from Regine Bonneau at RB Advisory, an Employer for Change herself:

“By using Intern Pursuit, I am able to understand how important compliance is when

using unpaid intern talent. There are academic, human resource, and Department of

Labor criteria required when using interns. The product tracked my compliance to

manage and retain the intern. After working with my intern, I hired him full time because I

was able to make sure we would be a good match. The product helped me find the right

candidate and ensure they had the skills I needed to work in my business.”

Joining Employers for Change also gives you the opportunity to network with other like-minded and conscientious employers with internship programs. Our Employers for Change community is tight-knit and ready to help you troubleshoot or share knowledge about managing internship programs. Other Employers for Change, David and Stephen Johnson from Brainet, see the value of our community:


What are you waiting for? Sign up with Intern Pursuit today, or reach out to Isabella Johnston to learn more about our Employers for Change program!

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Cara H
Sep 23, 2022

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