How to Share Your Voice On The Intern Whisperer's Podcast

Our podcast, The Intern Whisperer shares weekly tips to employers who want to leverage the power of intern talent in your business. Tips like the 7 Criteria for Unpaid Interns, how to develop employee mentor skills as well as your interns and remembering that we are all interns in this tech driven world.

We also talk about the Future of Work. We ask our guests to share what they believe job opportunities and their respective industries will look like 5-10 years from now. We have seen through COVID how this changed history overnight for the world.

We are calling on our audience members to weigh in on a story, share your perspective or ask a question. Below is our 2021 show schedule and a step by step guide how to send your opinion to us in audio format.

Guidelines to Contribute

Open the recording app

If you have an iPhone, the app you'll need is called Voice Memos, and it comes with the phone. Search for it, or look in the "Utilities" folder.

Android users will need to download an app to make recordings. We recommend Smart Voice Recorder, or Creobe Voice Memo for Windows Phone users.

Get in position

The internal mic on your phone is surprisingly good — there's no need to add headphones or any attachments to make a great recording. The easiest way to get the mic in a good position is to hold it to your ear, as if you're talking on the phone.

If you'd rather hold it out in front of you, make sure it's not too close — you want it about 4 inches away.

Start the recording

Push the red button — you'll know it's recording when the counter starts and you see the waveform dancing as you talk. Here's what it looks like on an iPhone:

And here's what it looks like using Smart Voice Recorder on an Android phone: