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#whatIlearned as a Media Communications Intern

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Intern holding #what I learned sign

Going through this internship I finally got the experience to know what it's like to be on the radio. I learned a lot of technical skills such as using a soundboard and OBS. Learning these technical skills are extremely beneficial for me because of the direction I'm going with my career. Not only did I get the hands-on experience that I was looking for, but I also learned a lot about personal skills that have room for improvement. The number 1 thing I learned is that it's not all about me. I need to think as a whole when working with a team. Lastly, something I learned that is crucial in the real world is that some of the work has to be done while I'm not in the studio. Homework is not only for school it's also for industry professionals. I did more work at home than what I do in the studio. We as a team worked together in reaching out to the guest, scheduling, and composing show notes all before coming into the studio. Because of this internship, I finally got the experience that I was looking for during my time as a college student.


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