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Juicy News: Employers 4 Change The Intern Whisperer Podcast Hits Major Milestones

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

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ORLANDO, Fla. & NEW YORK & SAN FRANCISCO & BOSTON - July 9, 2022 - PRLog --

The Intern Whisperer is brought to you by Employers 4 Change and this month is excited to announce that the podcast hit 6,000 downloads on Podbean and 200 provoking episodes sharing stories from Futurists, CEOs, HR Professionals, and Thought Leaders from a variety of industries share their insight as to what the future holds for jobs and learning going forward into 2030.

Isabella Johnston shared, "Our goal is to have 1,000 downloads a week by the end of the year featuring amazing leaders that are changing how we learn, do business, and making an impact in the world. We invite listeners to subscribe to our show and share who they would like to hear for future episodes."

The Intern Whisperer Podcast is part of the Employers 4 Change brand. The Intern Whisperer Podcast launched at Valencia College Radio Studio in 2018. Invited guests include CEOs, Thought leaders, HR professionals, and Futurists that share how they got started in their career, mentoring wisdom, and their predictions of what 2030 jobs and industries will look like. The Intern Whisperer Podcast streams on your favorite podcast channels, Valencia College Radio, E4C YouTube, and E4C Facebook Videos.

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating this major milestone with Maryann Kilgallon, founder and CEO of POMM.

Employers are invited to sign up and be part of our pilot launch, visit us at to become an Employer 4 Change.

Contact: Employers 4 Change, Isabella Johnston, CEO/Founder

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