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#whatIlearned as a Cinema Studies Intern

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Intern holding #what I learned sign

My name's Matt, I graduated from UCF with a degree in Cinema Studies. I realized I wanted to have skills in this field and signed up for an internship and found Pivot Business Consulting. Prior to my internship, I'd been to many schools and learned many things. I’ll always value that knowledge, but amongst all that trivia and theory, I knew something was missing. I had no practical knowledge of the hard and soft skills that would be required of working in a professional career setting.

My internship with Pivot Business Consulting and Intern Pursuit taught me I had to learn interpersonal skills like:

Communicating and working with a team, how to hit deadlines, how to organize my time more efficiently.

I even got some hands on time with new technology in working a soundboard on the Intern Whisperer radio program and learning Adobe After Effects for a video that will be part of the website training library.

Having said that: the main thing I’ve taken away from my internship experience is that a person never stops learning. Once you exit school, you don’t just turn off your brain and plug away at a new job. You’re still learning how to do things more effectively, meeting new people, or learning something entirely new altogether. I’ve learned that to succeed I'll have to keep my mind open in the future to whatever knowledge's coming my way and embrace it.


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