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Meet Ken Walker, Jr. Graphic Design, Animator, Future 3D Artist

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Ken Walker Photo

Good day, everyone! My name's Kenneth Walker, Jr. But, you may call me Ken as well. I'm currently a student at Valencia College pursuing a degree in graphic design. I'm originally from New Orleans, Louisiana but grew up in Memphis, Tennessee; so, besides traditional and digital art, culinary skills and a flair for fancy flavorful foods also runs through my genes. Can you tell I like alliteration too? While in Memphis, I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation from Memphis College of Art (MCA).

Growing up, I always admired traditional animation, being a fan of older studios like Disney, Fleischer Studios, WarnerBros., and MGM. Though animation was my introduction into the art world, I slowly started to gravitate towards graphic design after graduating from MCA in 2013. I like the identities that graphic design presents, from logos and brands for packaging to the aesthetics for websites and video games. And it also goes hand-and-hand with animation in the field of, well, graphic animation. Pay attention to the transitional effects and visual cues next time you're watching media like the news, sports, or the opening of your favorite movie; if you didn't notice them already.

FUN FACT: It was Fred R. Barnard who said, "A picture is worth a thousand words", which was first used in the 1920s to discuss the use of drawn and photographic images to illustrate advertising. Nowadays, I feel that the stillness of illustrated graphics can say so much more in one image than an animation can say in 60 frames per-second.

One of the requirements to join Intern Pursuit's team was to take a personality quiz provided by 16 Personalities. My 16 Personality Type is INFP (The Mediator). Qualities of "The Mediator" include: imagination, open-mindedness, and the ability to apply a caring and creative approach to everything we do. Optimism is also a key trait, looking for that silver lining in even the darkest situation. Even though we may be perceived as calm, shy, and reserved, Mediators have an inner flame and a passion that can truly shine; and apply that passion to all of my art.

I joined Intern Pursuit's Game Team as an intern at the start of the 2020 spring semester where I'm devoted to my work both from my internship and classes at school. But, during my free time I have many hobbies, including: drawing, writing stories, gaming, cooking and spending time with my family, to name a few.

After graduation I want to work for small or independent graphic design company to plant more seeds of growth that can expand to other great opportunities, or maybe even starting my own company. Stay tuned folks, that's all she wrote!


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