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Vote for Sophia Sahr: Why Diversity in the Workplace is Useful!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Sophia Sahr photo

My name's Sophia Sahr. I identify as a queer woman - meaning I'm a part of the LGBTQ+ community and I choose to identify under the umbrella term ‘queer’. I recently moved to Orlando to start my bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida - and as a queer student, I look to work in spaces that support diversity. This led me here - to Intern Pursuit. This article's about my story, and I hope you’ll take the time to read it and find inspiration in it.

It was a shock to my parents when I sat them down and came out as queer. They certainly weren’t expecting it, and at first it came with its challenges. Over time we all got the hang of it, and it became just another thing to joke about. Eventually they came to support me fully, giving me the stability and confidence I needed to help others. In high school, I helped create the Gay Straight Alliance - which happened to be the first of its kind in the county. I was the vice president of the club in my sophomore year and the president in my junior and senior year, but now I merely serve as an advocate in my everyday life. I want to use my experiences and my position to help others, and I hope I can use my story to connect to other students throughout my university journey.

I graduated high school in May of 2019 and moved to Orlando, Florida, where I currently attend the University of Central Florida as a freshman. I'm a Burnett Honors Scholar at the university, as well as a Provost Scholarship recipient. I'm currently in the Political Science program with a History minor. Through a career fair hosted by the University, I found myself coming into contact with Isabella Johnston. I found her inspiring as a female entrepreneur. Through her I gained a position at her company - Intern Pursuit, where I'm currently a marketing and public relations intern.

As for the future, I don’t know exactly what the world has in store for me after college. I'm still a freshman, so I still have a few years to figure out the specifics, but I do know one thing: whatever I choose to do I wish to continue supporting diversity and the LGBTQ+ community - either through my career or through my personal life. I fully believe that it's important to stand up for what one believes in, and I'll stay faithful to that concept regardless of the field I end up in.

Here at Intern Pursuit, we believe in supporting diversity to allow students of all backgrounds to create a path to success. Having diversity among employees makes for a more well-rounded team that can approach many different markets. A diversified workforce allows for diversified opinions, which can really only help the employer better serve their clients. I hope that throughout my time here at Intern Pursuit my story'll help me provide unique perspectives to better help the company serve both students and employers in their journey.

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