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#whatIlearned as a Hospitality and Tourism Intern

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Intern holding #what I learned sign

I had the opportunity to start my Internship with Pivot Business Consulting and one of their client's, StarterStudio through Valencia College this fall semester (2018). I learned how to manage administrative and front desk tasks of a co-working space, which I never had the opportunity to do. I worked on projects I had no prior experience. One of the projects I worked on was to prepare a complete facility inventory that was down to the serial numbers. That made me quite nervous to handle, But Bella was there to give me the coaching and training I needed to get things done. I was able to learn a lot in the process but most importantly build on my confidence and job skills. I'm very thankful for being part of Intern Pursuit program. I'm confident, after my internship, I'll have the skills I need to own my next job in the workforce.


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