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#whatIlearned as a Event Management Intern

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Intern holding #what I learned sign

Hi, future interns! I’m Tai, studying Event Management at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. I’m not only a Rosen College student, but also an international student from Japan. I completed an internship with Pivot Business Consulting as an Event & Hospitality intern in the Spring 2018 semester. I worked with Isabella and her client, StarterStudio in downtown Orlando, Florida. I’ve learned various things about the field of Event and Hospitality through Intern Pursuit. One of the wonderful experiences I had through the Intern Pursuit program was to assist Isabella in coordinating an event, TEDxOrlando Education Salon. While I was assisting Isabella, she taught me how to contact panelists and sponsors, make a contact list and check sheets, write a welcome letter and thank you letter. Also, I had the great opportunity to work with Cris, Event Manager from Blue Liger Consulting. She showed me how to organize and manage the event professionally. While I was working in the StarterStudio office, I had the opportunity to provide several office tours to guests and students. It was a valuable experience for me to communicate effectively and make a new connection with many people. I'm deeply grateful to Isabella for providing me the Intern Pursuit program. I would HIGHLY recommend college students, especially international students to do their internship at Pivot Business Consulting.

"Intern Pursuit not only makes it possible for you to develop your skill and experience, but also opens the door to your new journey.”


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