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Announcing Intern Pursuit's Intern Recognition Award

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Rows of trophies

We at Intern Pursuit, thought it would be great to recognize interns that work with our amazing employers. Our employers are invited to nominate the interns that work with them and give them a round of applause as we recognize what make them an outstanding intern.

We created a contest and will recognize interns that sign up on our platform and work with our employers. So here is how you can participate. Take a gander at the awards, eligibility, criteria, and prize that is given every semester.

Awards are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 honorable mentions. Please provide specific examples that demonstrate the qualities below to be awarded recognition. These awards will be done every semester (spring, summer, fall).

Eligibility: Limited to interns that are registered and have a profile with Intern Pursuit and worked with Intern Pursuit employers. Intern must be registered on platform at beginning of internship and worked with IP employer for at least 1 semester.

Chart of leadership qualities


  1. Leadership qualities (trains other interns, asks to be the lead on projects, demonstrates responsibility)

  2. Professionalism & Work Ethics (Turns video cameras on during team calls, professional attire and posture, takes notes and clarifies what is not understood.)

  3. Punctuality & Attendance (Attends all meetings and signed in early or exactly on time, Delivers work on time)

  4. Knowledge of Subject (self learner, takes notes in meetings, asks questions to clarify what is not understood).

  5. Teamwork & Flexibility (desire to mentor other interns, shares updates in team communication channel, Willing to accommodate extenuating circumstances).

  6. Research Capabilities (Strives to improve research, seeks ways to find deep knowledge not surface 1st page knowledge, problem solves by thinking of primary and second source research).

  7. Writing Assignment Progress & Skills (Uses spell check, Grammarly or other proofreading process. Cites sources using MLA or APA format. Use royalty free images and cites image source in blog articles or presentations).

  8. Presentation Skills (Uses PowerPoint, Prezi, video, or other presentation platform). Comfortable sharing on video sharing platforms. Cites sources, royalty free images or use of Canva for graphics. Keeps bullet points short and sweet - to 2-3 words.

  9. Productivity Mindset (Asks when projects are due and builds extra time for review dependencies, extra editing, and measuring outcomes for success and/or improvement.)

Award Prize: Your intern will be recognized by Intern Pursuit as follows

  • Certificate with an award title and rank,

  • Intern Pursuit t-shirt or Game t-shirt,

Intern Pursuit T-shirts

  • Your intern will be recognized in our IP social content channels and your company will be mentioned also as an IP Employer4Change. Learn more here about E4C.

  • Announced in an Intern Pursuit press release distributed on U.S. press channels.

  • Receive a Visa Gift Card according to their recognition level. First Place: $100, Second Place: $75, Third Place: $50, 2x Honorable Mention: $25

Voting Panel: Voting is done by Intern Pursuit's leadership team, employer mentors, and interns. Note: interns cannot vote for themselves.

Voting Process: Voting is done using Google Docs. A ranking system is employed to select candidates for Best Intern in 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Want more information? Contact us at

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