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#whatIlearned as a Hospitality and Tourism Intern

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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My Intern Pursuit journey started when applying for my Internship for Hospitality and Tourism, at the suggestion of my Workforce & Career Advisor, I was directed to Isabella’s Intern Pursuit.

After having my first phone interview, a face-to-face meeting and meeting a small handful of people who would soon become my colleagues at StarterStudio at the Christmas party I knew I would enjoy working there.

From the beginning, I was given first-hand experience from making coffee from a coffee-maker (which I had no idea how to use at first since being from England we drink tea!), sorting mail and sending messages to members in the office to inform of their mail from Cobot.

My biggest hurdle was giving tours for the first time as I always get terrible stage fright, as time went on and I gave more tours to potential clients, my confidence grew. My greatest accomplishment was gaining a member on the highest membership package (Dedicated Desk) from one of my tours.

Over the course of my internship, I have gained so much experience from learning how to write a blog, sending messages to members about daily workplace news on the Slack app and showing members how to use the Kisi app for safety and security measures.

The 3 Power Skills I gained were:

1. Budgeting.

When I was researching equipment needed for the office, I learned how to stay below budget for a particular product and price comparison on the same product.

2. Time Management.

Making sure I was able to keep on top of various tasks at a certain time and prioritizing what was more important and what could wait.

3. Social Skills.

Meeting members in the office and getting to know them. As I would talk to them while doing tasks in the kitchen for instance or while I was cleaning a conference room. Not only have I learned about the different companies within StarterStudio, I have also made new friends within those companies.


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