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Client Spotlight: Create the Movement

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Brad Post photo

Brad Post is the owner of Create the Movement, we've known each other through the 1 Million Cups organizer community. Brad has been a client of Pivot Business Consulting for more than a year and uses our intern management program while we tested the ability to identify qualified intern candidates for his agency via distance and has been providing feedback to improve our processes and documents for entrepreneurial business owners. Thank you Brad for being one of our beta testers.

Create the Movement logo

The name of company is fluid like water, has positive energy and yet there is a sense of targeting something specific. A single word has great power, for example, ‘the’ in Create the Movement unconsciously give’s assurance there is a specific goal that'll be achieved. See, even in the value proposition to viewers and listeners (they have a Podcast also) Create the Movement’s promise to their clients is they create goal-driven strategies that ensures a clients’ investment in digital marketing pays off.

A special niche client for them are law firms (checkout their e-Book for attorneys). Legal eagles (and those that don't embrace legal arguments as our gifts when it comes to employment and revenue streams) can be confident their advertising and marketing will have seamless integration through their whole online presence: website design, digital marketing, social media channels, video productions, SEO and SEM methods, and paid advertising.

So how can you reach the firm? While located in Tulsa, Oklahoma they work with clients all over the U.S.

Reach Brad and his crew at (918) 409-0566 or visit

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