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#whatIlearned Interning at Intern Pursuit

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Jack Bouchie photo

My name's Jack Bouchie, and I live in Winter Garden, Florida. I'm currently in the graphic design program at Valencia College. Throughout my internship experience as a web design intern, Isabella made a great effort to teach me how to improve several skills in the business environment. These skills will definitely be carried with me for my future endeavors. I've learned how to work with clients, how to act professionally, and how I can work with team members.

Working with clients was something that I didn’t often have the opportunity to experience in the graphic design program at school. Because of this, Isabella was able to communicate with me the several ways that my potential clients could react to my design choices. By understanding this information, I learned to adapt to new environments and make improvements to my design choices for the client. Isabella was usually very open to my design ideas, but I learned to accept that not all ideas were going to be implemented in the final result.

At Pivot Business Consulting, I learned core business values that have prepared me for the real business world. Several days during the week I had scheduled meetings with Isabella, and I had to prepare to explain my ideas for the business. Isabella gave me access to the Pivot Consulting Business website, and together we were able to make changes that would benefit the company's website. By having new design choices, we were able to strengthen the Pivot branding.

During our meetings, there were several other interns working with Isabella on another company, Intern Pursuit. There were a few times I was able to discuss some design ideas with other members. For example, Corey, who was a member of the video production team for Intern Pursuit and helped to create an animated video. A storyboard was already planned out for the video and by communicating to each other we were able to discuss the design choices for the video to match the overall Intern Pursuit brand.

In conclusion, working with Isabella was a very useful experience. It taught me skills in the business industry that I can take with me for the future. I learned standard business practices and how to adapt my creativity for a job setting. I created a design approach that allowed me to communicate with other team members about standard fonts, color choices, and other design elements for a cohesive brand. Isabella has good experience in the industry and helped me understand which direction I should be heading.


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