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Juicy News: Intern Pursuit Platform Launches Their New Game on Steam!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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MEDIA CONTACT: Isabella Johnston Founder and CEO Office: 321-422-2166


Intern Pursuit Platform Launches Their New Game!

They Need More Heroes, Join our team!

Orlando, Fla. (October 30, 2020) – Intern Pursuit Platform launches their Intern Pursuit Game on November 2. The game, developed by Cat 5 Studios, is a third-person tower defense game where the intern works in the 21st century and travels through a portal back to the 50’s. The intern must use critical thinking, problem solving, and strategy to complete the objective to save the world and earn talent.

Isabella Johnston, founder and CEO of Intern Pursuit said she “created the game because she loves teams and superheroes and wanted to gamify Intern Pursuit’s platform to reach more students seeking internships with gaming companies.”

“Our goal is to expand Intern Pursuit to infinity and beyond. Research shows that people develop PowerSkills through gaming. I like to believe it is because there is a superhero inside of each of us. This game is constantly being developed and improved. We want community feedback so we can implement changes that interest the gaming community, said Johnston.

In the demo players traveled to 2 planets, Mars and Neptune, and had limited weapons to use to battle aliens. The two original characters and weapons have been updated and now you can travel through the universe. As more planets are created, players will visit other planets and find different enemies to defeat. There will be an opportunity to earn unlockable tiers to challenge player strategies.

Isabella explained how much this opportunity to publish the game on steams platform meant to her, “Having our Intern Pursuit game on Steam is a really big deal in the gaming community. It represents a major accomplishment that demonstrates a quality product. Our team is thrilled to launch our game to the gaming community," said Johnston.

We thoroughly enjoy having interns work with Intern Pursuit and give hands-on training in the field they aspire to work in – especially in the rapidly-growing gaming industry. Intern Pursuit is committed to spotting trends and working to prepare future professionals and what's ahead in the future of work.

Intern Pursuit Platform

Intern Pursuit Software Platform was founded in 2018 by Isabella Johnston, a serial entrepreneur, HRD facilitator and adjunct professor. She brings more than 20 years of experience in training and learning, and education to the product. Intern Pursuit’s matches intern talent to employers. The platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify intern candidates for employers. This saves them valuable recruiting dollars, time and energy to find the best candidates. Other features include 2 types of assessments, development plans, and learning academy to help close communication and skill gaps in the workplace.

Cat 5 Studios

Cat 5 Studios produces video and games (serious and entertainment) for the defense, government, healthcare, construction, and education industries. Our team is made up of seasoned game industry professionals from the military, Epic Games, Leidos, and top tier game schools. We are a scruffy game studio out to make a big name in the industry. We are a diverse team from all over the world and work almost completely remotely. Learn more by visiting Contact


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