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#whatIlearned as a Social Content Intern

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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Throughout the summer of 2019, I was lucky to earn a content specialist internship using Intern Pursuit. I was matched to, a startup company owned by Luis Morales, CEO.  

As a recent graduate from UCF, with a background centered on Communication and Content Creation, my role was to learn about his product and promote it on social channels.  The platform is an optimization software. By working with the product, I gained new insight toward web-based content, optimization, cold email campaigns and how to conduct a proper business call. All the scenarios listed, were things I wasn’t accustomed to, and thanks to my experience at, I now have a better understanding.

During the internship, I found myself writing pieces about the software and how it compared to other programs adjacent to them. To effectively do this, I had to learn deeply about the software, their competitors and how best to compare them. I now understand where the marketing pull of was and how it could appeal to its consumers.

When writing about the appeal for, I learned exactly what optimization means and what it supports. It’s something that nearly every organization uses for its web platform. Much like a marketing professional works around advertising, specialized web optimizers are hired as experts to help drive traffic onto a specific platform. What makes so valuable is that this process is done through artificial intelligence. Learning what I did about optimization was valuable because I gained a job interview for a full time content writing position, and most of their questions revolved around optimization.

One of the tasks I worked on with the team frequently was how to run cold email campaigns. Luis had me figure out the kind of audience we should engage with and conduct proper email subjects and email previews so that it could attract others to click. This kind of marketing is very common among start-ups and other organizations and doing this led us to obtaining a prospect that turned into a client.

Overall, we spoke to the client that was interested in, and through them, learned about how we should sell our product even more effectively. The business language and explanation conducted in the interview, was important to note, for it wasn’t a strictly professional conversation, nor was it particularly friendly.  Luis attempted to answer the questions they had to his best knowledge, while simultaneously selling

I'm looking forward to seeing how the knowledge that I've gained translates into a full time job. I'm not sure if I'll continue toward the industry route of software marketing, however it’s been proven to me that this subject'll continue to be brought up again and again.


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