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Welcoming Joy Slater to Intern Pursuit

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Joy Slater graduated from Evans High School and is about to graduate from Valencia College in the fall. She plans on transferring to UCF, while dual majoring in Business and Entertainment Design and Production.

Joy intends to have built her own business that'll socially impact the community and be a nonprofit much like other media organizations she's inspired by. Her advice to other interns is manage your time between work, the internship, and school extremely well. During her internship, she became certified as an Asana Brand Ambassador. This product'll help her organize herself and future projects she wants to achieve.

Joy’s 16 Personalities is The Advocate, a properly named role since she plans on advocating for people in lower-income neighborhoods with a business that's designated towards outreach. As a huge book nerd the last two books she read-at the same time- were Thanks For The Feedback and The Book of Beautiful Questions. Joy also wants to visit Italy. She loves the culture, history and beauty of the country, and has even started learning Italian.


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