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#whatIlearned as a Graphic Design Intern

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

intern holding #what I learned sign

I started interning as a high school student while attending the Ampersand School. I met Isabella with Pivot Business Consulting when she was judging a technology competition at our school in 2016. Originally, I wanted to go into software development. When I found out I could work with a game company called Intern Pursuit, The Game, I decided I would rather try that internship opportunity.

Now, I'm attending Seminole State College and am really looking forward to learning about programming in college. I'm still interning on the game team and have become pretty good at using Unreal Engine (the platform where the game is hosted and built).

I've also learned how to use source control systems, understand how to work in a team, and improved my communication skills. Isabella cares a lot about me, and she's always helping me to learn valuable life skills and become more self-reliant.


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