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Juicy News: Employers 4 Change [E4C] Announces Intern Pursuit Game Feature Update v.4

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

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The E4C software platform solves critical HR issues for employers that increases diversity, equity, inclusion [DEI] recruitment, assessment and 21st Century Skill documentation making the workplace diverse, equitable, and inclusive. E4C Academy provides NeuroScience Multidimensional Learning when and where needed to provide job fit and employee skill growth.

Employers 4 Change [E4C] was founded in 2018 by Isabella Johnston, a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in training and learning, education (middle & high school and adult learning), and entrepreneurship. Johnston’s industry experience includes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, 21st Century Skill development, and peer & reverse mentoring.

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Isabella Johnston, Founder and CEO shared, “We are so happy to share our latest game features update with our fans, and acknowledge the Cat 5 Studios team is a partner with us to build the game. There are more new planets to play and more coming.

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(Note to our fans: Use the New Game option as the old save games will cause you issues; we do not like to reset your progress, but we are adding major systems that require it. We hope to have the save file in its complete state after the next update, so you won’t have to keep resetting your progress.)

Current Update:

  • LEVEL: The Moon! Defend the moon base from enemies on four sides, with the help of your fellow interns while the plot thickens…

  • We have added controller support. This is mostly complete, but there may be a few screens that are still needing controller optimization.

  • We have implemented our inventory system; as you play the story, you will receive items for completing levels successfully. While this system is fully functional, we are working on balance. Enemies on higher difficulties drop more items. While it is complete and functional; we are working on the UI and it will look better later. The inventory is tied to your save file, and its contents can be accessed by all four characters.

  • You can unlock new upgrades for your towers! Defeat enemies to gather tower parts, then spend them in the office on higher upgrade tiers. Tower upgrades are shared by all characters, so if you unlock an upgrade on one character it’s usable by all of them.

  • You can upgrade your superpowers to make them even stronger! Defeat enemies to gain a new currency called Talents, then use them in the office to strengthen your powers. Each character’s upgrades are separate, but Talents are shared between all characters. Our long-term goal is to unlock certain abilities on certain planets, some active skills, some passive, as the player progresses through the game. In early access we feel this is too limiting, because many of the levels have not been implemented yet, which means some skills couldn’t be used at all. The skill system, though not complete, is functional. The UI will be improved when we complete the other passive skills.

  • There are many balance, bug fixes, and data fixes behind the scenes, which combined with the added item, skill, and upgrade functions requires a new game to function properly, which is why we strongly recommend starting a new game for this update. Also note that the next update at least will require a new game. Our current goal is to finalize the save file so that you won’t have to start a new game for every update. We will make every effort to do this; however, this is early access, and unforeseen issues might require it again.

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For the future:

  • We have made good progress on Titan. All the art assets are done; we just have to implement the story and enemy placement. Titan will be in our next update, which is planned to be released in January.

  • We are working on the passive skills for the skill system. Our goal is to finish this for the next update, but it might be pushed back.

  • We are working on game difficulty unlocking based on difficulty completed. Our goal is to finish this for the next update, but it might be pushed back.

  • We have most of the art completed for Mercury, Uranus, and Jupiter. We have concept art completed for Pluto.

  • We still have some enemy character modeling to do, specifically for Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter.

  • We have completed story development, just waiting on the levels to be completed to add it to each level.

  • Improved UI for the inventory and tower/power upgrade systems.

  • Balancing tower/power upgrade costs.

On behalf of E4C, Intern Pursuit Game, and Cat 5 Studios, thank you for playing our game. Please leave us reviews to encourage us, feedback on any bugs during play, and provide suggestions to improve the game.

For more information about our game, please visit Intern Pursuit Game on Steam.


Employers 4 Change Contact Person: Isabella Johnston, Founder, CEO Phone: +1 321-422-2166 Email:

Cat 5 Studios

Contact Person: Isabella Johnston, Founder, CEO

Phone: +1 877-371-3639


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