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Juicy News - Intern Pursuit, Inc. Rebrands as Employers 4 Change [E4C] October 2021

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


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The E4C software platform solves critical HR issues for employers that increases diversity, equity, inclusion [DEI] recruitment, assessment and 21st Century Skill documentation making the workplace diverse, equitable, and inclusive. E4C Academy provides NeuroScience Multidimensional Learning when and where needed to provide job fit and employee skill growth.

Employers 4 Change [E4C] was founded in 2018 by Isabella Johnston, a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in training and learning, education (middle & high school and adult learning), and entrepreneurship. Johnston’s industry experience includes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, 21st Century Skill development, and peer & reverse mentoring. The software platform solves critical HR issues for employers that increases diversity, equity, inclusion [DEI] recruitment, assessment and 21st Century Skill documentation.

Employers 4 Change Logo

On March 26, 2021 Intern Pursuit, LLC converted to Intern Pursuit, Inc. (IP Inc.). IP, Inc. is the holding company for the SaaS diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) HR recruiting and skills solution. The DEI platform accelerates recruitment, assessment, and management of intern talent for employers. An added benefit is the E4C Academy upskills employees mid to senior level leaders in addition to their intern talent. In response to local growth and the launch of their software platform, the company completed a rebrand in response to local growth and national expansion.

As of October 2021, Intern Pursuit, Inc. is doing business as Employers 4 Change [E4C]. Coinciding with the new brand, E4C has released an updated website ( The rebrand will help establish a unique identity within the online recruiting and learning industry and offers an opportunity for further expansion of the company globally.

Beyond the change in name and website, Employers 4 Change [E4C] will continue to provide the same outstanding services and quality. The Founder and CEO, Isabella Johnston remains under the new corporate entity and d/b/a name. E4C has national employer customers and also acquired its first international employer customer extending its reach as a global company.

Since 2018, E4C has assisted employers with their intern recruitment needs, offering DEI recruitment that is focused on skill and culture fit processes. “This rebrand is possible thanks to our employer customers and higher education partners that have supported us over the years,” said E4C CEO, Isabella Johnston. “Rebranding to Employers 4 Change identifies the employers that want to differentiate themselves as employers that are forward thinkers. It also marks a step forward for our company and our growth into a new market with enterprise employer customers.

The new name and logo were created to reflect the core values of the company that our customers want to identify with. Derived from the words “employers” and “change”, the name Employers 4 Change demonstrates the company’s responsibility to the higher ed industry and their students that their employer customers want to be recognized for their investment in their interns and their employee mentors. Johnston shared, “There is a mutual investment and exchange of knowledge that not only deepens cognitive skills but also improves the company culture. We will continue to do our part to provide employers with the latest in multidimensional learning to stimulate neural connections in the brain and promote learning."

Contact Info:

Isabella Johnston, Founder, CEO


Work: +1 321-422-2166

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