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Juicy News: Intern Pursuit Expands to Cornell Radio

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

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ORLANDO, Fla. (Dec 30, 2020) — Intern Pursuit, an intelligent intern management platform for employers, has partnered with Cornell Radio to stream the Intern Whisperer Podcast. The show is broadcasted on Saturdays at 5 p.m. EST on to Cornellians.

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Catering to Cornell University students, streams content for the music, sport and podcast enthusiasts. To expand the platform’s reach and provide helpful career insight for student listening audiences, the Intern Whisperer podcast was added to the programming list. This featured podcast is produced by Intern Pursuit, with intern support, at Intern Pursuit’s headquarters located in Orlando. The weekly podcast highlights Intern Pursuit’s employers and affiliates that share their startup entrepreneur story, industry and job predictions for 2025 to 2030, great mentoring advice, and what a student could expect if interning with the company.

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"We at Intern Pursuit are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with Cornell Radio and share The Intern Whisperer with their community. The stellar reputation that Cornell University and their radio station has is pretty exciting. This partnership enlarges our listener base, and we have seen exponential growth in downloads of our episodes and followers on our social channels," shared Isabella Johnston, founder and CEO of Intern Pursuit. is a student-run online radio stream programmed for Cornell University students. Providing weekly fresh content with a focus on what matters to Cornellians, you can tune in for uncensored music, talk shows, and sports commentary. And if you're looking for exclusive interviews and local concert reviews, be sure to check out our blogs and student DJs.

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The Intern Whisperer Podcast is an affiliate of the Intern Pursuit platform. The Intern Whisperer Podcast began airing at Valencia College Radio studio in 2018. Employer guests share their startup story and history of their company. We take a deep dive into what our employer guests believe their industry and job market will look like 5-10 years from now. Our show wraps up with great mentoring advice for students seeking jobs in their industry. The Intern Whisperer Podcast airs on your favorite podcast channels, WVBR (Ithaca, NY), Cornell Radio, Valencia College Radio, YouTube, and Facebook Videos.

Intern Pursuit Software Platform was founded in 2018 by Isabella Johnston, a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience in human resources, training and development, and education. The platform was built to address critical intern management HR issues to improve diversity and inclusion in the recruiting process, and enhance remote work, and multi-generational communication. The platform is powered by a smart algorithm that identifies the best candidates for employers-based trending HR needs to prepare for the Future of Work.


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